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Annual Highlander Club fall fundraiser  

Our annual Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser has begun for Hewes!  Please consider donating to the school to help us reach our goal of $65,000!

The funds raised through the Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser will be used to enhance every students' academic experience and will also support the current curriculum through funding the activities that create community and positive, memorable experiences for all students.  Our hope is that we will receive donations from every family (in any dollar amount) so that we can help foster a love of learning, increase student engagement and excitement about academic success, and expand interests. The $65,000 fundraising goal for the Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser will allow us to continue the PTA's planned programming for the school year.  Please consider donating to Hewes!

How can you help? You can participate in our annual Fall Fundraiser and dollar-a-day campaign at Hewes by donating a minimum of a dollar-a-day for every day the kids are in school. That equals $180!  A $180 donation automatically gives the family Bronze Highlander Club status.  For families who would like to donate above and beyond, we offer the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of the Highlander Club.  All Highlander Club participants in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels will receive recognition at Hewes if donations are made before the deadline of October 11th. No donation, however, is too small. Any and all donations directly benefit our school and its students.

New this year— the Hewes Color Run!! As a fun, added incentive to our Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser, the PTA is introducing the Hewes Color Run! This interactive student activity will be held on October 11th and allows families to unlock colors for the event with their donations! As a school, together we can unlock all of the colors and make more money for our school! Find out more about the Hewes Color Run HERE!!

Every family donating $180 or more before September 20 will receive one FREE Color Run t-shirt. There will be an option for those families to purchase additional Color Run t-shirts for $10 each. Ordering information will be emailed to our Highlander Club donors soon.

A donation either by your family, extended family, or friends will Make a Difference in the educational environment and experiences at Hewes Middle School.

PTA Programs supported through fundraising

With funds provided through the Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser, the PTA is proud to support the following:

  • Library Upgrades

  • MPR Upgrades

  • Student Seating Area Under Solar Panels

  • Binder Reminders

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Teacher Support

  • Dances

  • Highlander Days

  • Wood Shop, Home Ec, and STEAM

  • After School Activities and Sports

  • 8th Promotion Activities

  • Health & Wellness initiatives

  • ASB Activities

  • PBIS Activities

  • Reflections

  • Clubs including Friends of Rachel

  • Assemblies

  • International Week

  • And much, much more!

Highlander Levels

No donation is too small, however, donations of $180 or more made prior to the October 11th deadline will be recognized on the Highlander plaque in the Event Center.

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Fundraising Incentives

There will be a number of participation incentives (All donations information is kept confidential. Reporting will be on participation % only)

  1. Class  Participation: The first period class with the largest percentage of participation will win a Popcorn Party.

  2. Grade Level with the Highest Participation: ALL students in the grade with the highest participation ( 6th , 7th, or 8th ) will be rewarded an afternoon Popsicle Party.

  3. Teachers' Reward: Each Teacher with 100% class participation in their First period will be rewarded a Gift Card to be used towards their classroom and curriculum supplies.  

Corporate Matching Funds

 Many Corporations will match your donation, this is a Win-Win for you and Hewes.  Visit your HR Department for information and paperwork.

Please share this website with your family and friends so they are participate in creating a world-class educational experience for your children. 

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Hewes tax ID is #33-0579193.

Donate Today!

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Thank you for supporting Hewes Middle School!  Please direct any questions to Nancy Woo at


Your donations are making a difference!

The 7th grade science team has implemented the molecular model kits purchased by PTA. These top quality kits directly support the New Generation Science Standards which encourage students to use modeling to understand scientific concepts. It is very rewarding to watch the light bulbs in students’ brains turn on as they build their very own three dimensional molecules. Thank you, Hewes PTA!
— Diana Carroll, 7th Grade Science
The opportunity to hold a Walk Through the Ancient World adventure for 6th graders at Hewes would not be possible without our generous PTA. This engaging, interactive presentation allows Core to culminate what is learned about multiple civilizations in social studies. The students get to make history come alive by personifying key people and competing against other civilizations. If you ask last year’s 6th graders, they will tell you one of their favorite memories at Hewes thus far was Walk Through day!
— Mrs. Wagstaff, 6th grade CORE
PTA funding has allowed our science department to purchase new laboratory equipment as well as replace/repair equipment, purchase lab supplies, as well as new curriculum and hands-on kits to develop engaging, rigorous lesson plans via lab investigations and hands-on activities. PTA funding allows us to continually build our science department in new ways and to stay up to date so we can better support our students in their mastery of the new NGSS science standards.
— Jeremy Cook, Science Teacher
The PTA’s purchase of a folding machine for the front office has enriched our lives in immeasurable ways! The amount of time we have saved by not hand-folding thousands of documents has freed us up for other important tasks. We are extremely grateful.
— Cindy McCarthy, School Secretary
PTA provides many things for our school to help students become well-rounded, not only in academics, but in the world of social interaction and life. I know that the 8th grade promotion/dance is one of the most looked-forward to events of the entire middle school experience for our students. PTA makes sure that every student who is eligible attends and has a fantastic time. Thank you PTA!
— -Ms. Anthony, 8th grade CORE
Over the years, the PTA has supported me with refurbishing the music room, several music instruments over the years. Purchasing instruments has supported a 5 year plan to help replacing old equipment.
— Tim Thomas, Instrumental Music Teacher
The funds raised by PTA pay for our buses to attend the Medieval Times field trip. This experience allows the students to be immersed in Medieval culture, from eating with their hands and no utensils, to learning about chivalry, and seeing the swordplay and jousting. It is a day that they remember for a long time!
— Susan Moffat, 7th grade CORE
PTA purchased the rock wall in the activity center that we use in PE. Without the fundraising that PTA does for Hewes, this would not have been possible. EVERY student in the school benefits from what PTA provides PE, because, we have every student, every day!
— Nanette Ehrhard, 7th grade PE
The PTA has helped fund and support many activities in my classroom. Everyday activities would not be possible without the whiteboard markers, large white boards, staplers, tape, colored pencils, lined and copy paper. In addition to that, they supply us with cleaning supplies that help keep the classroom sanitary. The support from our PTA helps Hewes educate and enrich the lives of our students, who are the future leaders of Tustin.
— Nicole Photoglou, 7th grade Math Teacher
I’ve used my PTA money to increase the amount books in my classroom library. My students are attempting a 40 Book Challenge this year. Since I’ve been able to expand the book options available to kids on a daily basis, they are reading more. Most of my students have already finished two books, and some have read as many as five in the first month of school.
— Katie Magnuson, Core 6 Teacher
Every year the PTA provides the teachers will $300 to purchase items for our classroom. Over the years, I have purchased novels to build my classroom library with current and exciting reading material. I have also been able to purchase different types of furniture to give my students seating choices so that they can be more comfortable while engaged in our lessons. The students love the books and the different choices in seating!
— Susan Moffat, 7th Grade Core Teacher


We Thank You for your Continued Support

and participation in the Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser!