8th Grade Disneyland BUS ONLY

8th Grade Disneyland BUS ONLY


The BUS ONLY OPTION is for students that have a Disneyland Annual Pass and only need to pay for their bus ride to Disneyland.

Students must arrive at school on Tuesday, May 28 at the regular start time. Students will return to Hewes at approximately 6:00pm, unless they have turned in a permission slip for late release at least 2 weeks prior (May 14). No exceptions. Please complete the permission slip for late release and attach to payment form.

Students must arrive to Disneyland on the Hewes bus. No other students are allowed to attend. *If you are not eligible to attend the Disneyland trip (per Hewes promotion guidelines for academics and behavior) you may not join your classmates at Disneyland.  Progressive discipline for ineligible students seen at the park will be pursued which will affect a student’s high school status.*

Chaperones will be available at an assigned location on Main Street until 5:00pm, in case students need assistance.

Important Disneyland Reminders:

  • The Hewes dress code applies to this trip.

  • All bags will be checked at the entrance for security purposes. PARENTS, please pre-screen your student’s belongings. She/he will be responsible for all items brought into Disneyland.

  • No items are to be left on the bus during the day.

  • Disney does allow outside food or beverages to be brought into the park, but does not allow glass containers, bags larger than a standard backpack or coolers larger than a lunch sack. See Disneyland website for more information about what is allowed in the park.

  • Sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes are HIGHLY recommended.

Have a great day at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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