Hewes Highlander Color Run”: 10/11

This exciting, new event was created to give Hewes students something fun and interactive while helping our school reach our HIGHLANDER CLUB FALL FUNDRAISING GOALS.

The Hewes Highlander Color Run will be a memory-maker for students. This event is designed to build community through colorful camaraderie. ALL STUDENTS CAN PARTICIPATE, but donating to our fall fundraiser, THE HIGHLANDER CLUB students will earn shirts and additional fun rewards. Our school will make money and everyone will walk away exhilarated and satisfied with a job well done. Let's give our students memories that will last a lifetime. Our students will be able to earn red, yellow, blue, orange, purple…and our school will end up with a lot of GREEN!

**All students must have 2019-20 PTA Participation Waiver on file to participate**

Here’s How it Works:

Our goal is to raise $65,000 during the Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser for PTA-sponsored programming at Hewes. The more money we raise, the more colors our school unlocks!

  • $25,000 Raised- Red is Unlocked

  • $35,000 Raised- Blue is Unlocked

  • $45,000 Raised- Yellow is Unlocked

  • $55,000 Raised- Purple is Unlocked

  • $65,000 Raised- Orange is Unlocked

Any and all monetary donations are welcomed, but here are our Highlander Club Levels and incentives.

Hewes Highlander Club Levels Color Run.png

Donate $180 or more to the Highlander Club Fall Fundraiser before September 20 and receive one FREE Color Run t-shirt! There will be an option for those donating families to purchase additional Color Run t-shirts for $10 each. Ordering information will be emailed to our Highlander Club donors soon.

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